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We Are With You For Quality and Diversity With Our World Class Environmentally Friendly Production Approach...

Our principles

Quality-Oriented Understanding

With our high-tech, high-quality and long-lasting production policy, the world's leading company...

Wide Product Range

We produce products that add strength to your production with a variety of products and production for all your needs.

The World Wide Web

We operate in many countries with our stakeholders and solution partners. We are growing and developing with an increasing capacity day by day...

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

We produce for you with the most efficient technologies in production, without harming any living thing and by minimizing emissions...

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TECHART serves the glass world by supplying the best quality molds at competitive prices in line with customer requirements.


TECHART develops production capacity to serve the needs of the market geographically with the latest technology and experienced people.


TECHART acts as the world leader in glass mold manufacturing through continuous improvement in production technology, material development and product design.

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